The art of Cody Joseph Painter is influenced by a diversity of cultures. A fifth-generation Californian whose family dates back to the Gold Rush, he quickly developed a passion and curiosity for the world beyond his rural environment. He has lived in San Francisco, Japan, New York, Mexico, and New Orleans, and each place has had a powerful impact on his art.

Skilled in a variety of creative disciplines, he is a talented photographer, digital designer, and jewelry maker. His primary focus is sculptural, and he uses numerous materials—textiles, plaster, rope, wood, and paint—to bring his visions to life. Both the natural world and sacred geometry provide a particularly rich source of inspiration. He enjoys the freedom and personal aspects of craft art, and is constantly tapping into the skills he has gained in his travels to create something new.

In 2004, Cody graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with honors. He double-majored in Japanese and Dramatic Arts and spent a year studying Japanese language and culture in Tokyo. Driven to further his education and develop new skill sets, he entered an MFA program in Web Design and New Media at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, graduating in 2013. For his thesis project, he designed an interactive music composition app called Kromatones for the iPad. Upon completion of his masters program, he traveled to Mexico to study carving & painting Alebrije figurines with a local craftsman.

These days, he is really enjoying applying his skills to help artists & entrepreneurs actualize their creative visions!