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Old Dreams, New Dreams & Journeys Between

61 cm x 61 cm
Wood, Paint, Map, Cord
New York holds a special place in my heart. I tried to live there once when I was younger and exploring, but found the pace & pressure frustrating. I wasn't as sure about who I was or where I was going as I am now, & I quickly learned New York will eat you for breakfast if you aren't stoking that inner fire enough. It was a unique challenge, and although I didn't stay long, this map of New York was the right reference for a piece about trying to find my way.
This artwork is about finding direction & purpose, and how circuitous the path forward can be. I cut 3 hexagons into the painted & processed plywood and stitched it back together with cord. There's an axis of gold arrows, like a compass, running through the 3 inverted hexagons. It represents a desire to find a path, without being very clear what direction it's pointing. Life cuts us up and flips us around, and sometimes it seems like only dreams & good intentions hold it all together.