WAR CAMP (working title) is a new community-focused card game designed by Cody and Rory Painter. We have been working on this strategy card game off and on over past year. Our intention is to offer free downloads that people can print and cut out at home. We’ll offer additional add-ons in the future once we iron out the kinks. There are no images yet, because we hope that fans will contribute art and this will stay a community-based project.

We’ve gotten it to the point where we’d like to make a Beta version public so that any interested gamers can help us test it. Download & print the rules and cards and check out the board sample below. If you send us notes about how it goes we’ll be super grateful, but we hope that you at least try a game and have fun! Also, we intend to add spells and new races in the future, if you have any suggestions, feel free to send them along!

Thanks for being part of WAR CAMP!






Also, you may want to create a game board. It’s not necessary, but it makes the game run a bit smoother.

The photos below show our game board diagram and the board we made in use. Make your own or try something different and let us know how it goes! The side of a cardboard box and a sharpie is all you will need.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 2.45.37 PM







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