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i gave an apple to the orchard. i gave a candle to the sun; a grain of salt to the sea, and a story to

You Yesterday

I Want. I want to love you, I want to love you so bad; so bad that I forget, forget that i love you. I

Little Cartoon Monkeys

I can feel the coconuts in my head, in my sex. I can feel their furry, scratchy, hollow, un-sacred holes. There are three holes on

I wished on countless skies

I wished on countless skies And I found my star in you Always able; Always there I feel your hands In tear-damp hair. That was

He was running

he never thought-he-saw-he-knew the pink bubblings that ripped out of his skull to dribble off the end of a nose onto the face of  


Broken Lost Confused Alone, My feelings were trite to myself. Nobody, noone, nothing to Grasp to as                


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